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FUTSAL801 is located at 75 S 600 W and has two futsal courts and an office. Located the heart of the City's Depot District, Futsal801 is a block away from The Gateway, the Intermodal Hub, the Complex, and more. No matter the language you speak nor the cost of the shoes, respect is earned by the skills your bring to the court. 

HISTORY OF THE GAME (From US Youth Futsal)

Futsal is a variant of soccer that is played on a smaller field (court in futsal terms) and most often played indoors. Its name is derived from the Portuguese, futebol de salão and the Spanish, fútbol de salón (colloquially fútbol sala), which can be translated as "hall football" or "indoor football". 

Futsal is FIFA's official indoor game. It is small sided (5v5), played on a smaller pitch (roughly basketball court sized) and with a smaller ball.

Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA. It earned the status of FIFA’s official form of indoor soccer in the 1980s as it was recognized as a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a 5 v 5 small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized court with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls.




FUTSAL801 is located at 75 S 600 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. The Futsal Jrs. Winter Academy Program is Salt Lake City’s #1 Youth Soccer Development Program for players 5-12 years-old. Futsal emphasizes skill development, sportsmanship, and fun! Players learn to dribble, pass, shoot, and most importantly, to LOVE the game.

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FUTSAL801 has 2 futsal courts available for private use. Whether you’re looking for a place to run your weekly pick-up games with friends or get in a few practice sessions with your club team.



Join the FUTSAL801 crew for pick-up games with friends and meet people that share a similar passion for Futsal! Check back regularly for the latest Open Play opportunities as special times may arise.

Open Play Rules

Players pay $5 at Front Desk or buy a 10-session Punch Card ($40). Admission is on a first come first serve basis and Futsal balls are provided. Maximum number of players is 40. Everyone that pays admission has a right to play on any court in our facility. Pick-up games should begin as soon as enough players are on a court. A pool of no more than 20 players should be on a court at any given time.

Games are to 2 goals or 5 minutes (if you are off, please volunteer to keep time); call your own fouls. Winner stays on (both teams off if tied); after 3 consecutive wins, sit out one and then return. Adult Open Play is reserved for participants aged 16+. There are certain blackout dates due to special programming - so stay tuned to the calendar or Facebook page. 

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