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2022-23 Tryout Results

2022-23 Tryout Results


11B (X-League Metro C)

Head Coach: Tyler Stockstill (tyler.stockstill@udasoccer.org)

451 H. Barkes, 425 V. Hernandez, 303 P. Chanon, 310 A. Avila, D. Rivadeneira, 312 L. Beltran, 449 K. Martinez, 415 J. Alfaro, 306 N. Barranco, B. Zavala, 407 L. Barrón, 417 G. Araujo, D. Melchor

The following players have been identified for additional training opportunities and the Head Coach may offer a roster spot at a future time. In the meantime confirm your place in the training pool and join the team on the Ollie Sports app. For additional questions, please contact the Head Coach.

G. Hernandez, 304 Z. Bernard


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