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2023-24 Tryout Results

2023-24 Tryout Results


13G (X-League Metro)

Head Coach: Aaron Alvarez (aaron.alvarez@udasoccer.org)

  • M. Demkov
  • A. Perez
  • A. Orozco
  • D. Damian
  • A. Olvera
  • R. B. Grijalva
  • E. Thomas
  • V. Todd
  • V. Escobedo
  • S. Rubio
  • E. Hyngstrom
  • A. Bloomer
  • B. M. Trinidad Gallardo

Per our “no-cut and all play” policy for U9-U10 X-League teams, every player was placed on a roster. If you do not see your tryout number listed, please contact us as soon as possible as mistakes do happen. If you have any questions or concerns, please email admin@udasoccer.org.

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